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We provide a cloud-based background removing API to create powerful applications for editing.

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Our API integrates rapidly and easily into your solution. Be assured that our infrastructure will adapt to your requirements. Bring the perfect ML experience to your customers.


We offer 2 plans.
The fist plan allows you to try BgRem for free with no limitations. The second plan requires a payment at the end of each month for the actual number of minutes processed.


Effortlessly create professional videos by deleting/changing background, editing, color filters.

100% in the Cloud

Edit videos/photos using simple BgRem interface. Just 3 steps to remove background: upload your file, edit, and then upload again to your app or website. Easy in and easy out!

Technical support

Our technical support will help you seamlessly integrate our API, from A to Z. Whether for integration support or solving technical issues, we are your successful partner.


Our service is optimised for mobile devices, providing high-quality performance on all gadgets including low-end phones.

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Save money with our transparent approach to pricing

Trial developer

Trial developer

  • 30 min / 30 videos
  • Free
  • 14 days

No credit card required



  • Pay as you go monthly *
  • 1 $ per minute
  • Minimum 300$

BgRem's pay-as-you-go plan offers automatic savings based on monthly usage.

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